Chef Bill Harden

Chef Bill Harden has been cooking all over the Tennessee Valley for over 20 years, now making his home in Decatur.  His cooking style is best described as Globally Influenced Southern Seasonal Cuisine, focusing on local farms and produce.  His experience ranges from the finest dining (Pauli's Bar and Grill, Simp McGhee's. 801 Franklin) to the casual scene (Santa Fe Grill, Commerce Kitchen, Below the Radar).  As one of the pioneers of the local Farm to Fork movement, Chef Bill strives to serve the freshest and finest that North Alabama has to offer.  He makes his return to Historic Downtown Decatur, the location where he started his career at BJ's Deli.  He is excited to make The RailYard his new home and make it Decatur's newest dining destination.



Tyler Jones

With no restaurant experience to mention, Tyler brings his knowledge of the History of Decatur back to the heart of the Historic Downtown area.  After a moving back to Decatur in 2009, he started rekindling his love for the city in which his family spent many years working with the city and merchants to help with the economic growth of Downtown Decatur.  His first real job (1997-1998) was working for "Main Street Decatur," trying to sell advertisements in a local magazine dedicated to the Downtown Area.   His sole purpose of opening The RailYard is as much for the community as it is for he and his family.  With all the proper tools at his disposal, and Chef Bill ready to make a push at the location, Tyler's main focus is helping Downtown Decatur gather a reputation as one of the best dining destinations in the area.  "There is such a positive movement within our great city.  From the people that support it, to the people that put their heart and souls into their businesses, its simple but has the charm that so many places do not have.  People need to not only see a positive direction of the Arts and Entertainment District, they also need to see the positive changes being made every day."  The downtown area is home for Tyler, his wife Anna, their son Oliver, and their dog Levi.  Anna opened "Breathe Yoga Barre" in Downtown Decatur earlier this year and the support given by the community is continuing to grow.   With the support of the district, as well as the rest of the outlaying communities, Tyler hopes The RailYard will not only be helpful to the city supporting it, but the restaurant may also turn some heads in the process.